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Spotlight vs. Backblaze

I’ve been having recent problems with spotlight’s mds process taking up a lot of cpu. In searching I found this:

… and I discovered the main culprit: Backblaze (cloud backup) was generating file lists whenever anything was change don the system, and mds was indexing them.

Sure enough that was the problem. So, if you are using [...]

Modern HTML5 spec

HTML5 Edition for Web authors is the HTML5 spec without the ugliness.
The announcement is worth checking out too.

New Quicksilver beta

Yep, it still rocks. Quicksilver ß57 (Snow Leopard only)

Support Web Standards

Wear a blue beanie.

My Predictions for WWDC 09

Here are my predictions for this year.

We’ll see an updated version of the iPhone with more storage and a compass. If it has a video camera that would be awesome but I won’t hold my breath.
We’ll see the announcement of the release of Snow Leopard in August or September. I think Apple will also announce [...]

My prediction for WWDC 08

There is a lot of talk about a new version of Mac OS X showing up at WWDC this year. One thing that I think we will see is a move away from it being ‘Mac OS X’ to just ‘OS X’. I think that would make it fit more with the fact that it [...]