Front Row Hulu

UPDATE: For a version that works in Snow Leopard see this post

Front Row HuluHulu has released a desktop client called Hulu Desktop. I’ve had some requests to make a Front Row Plugin to support Hulu Desktop. Since Hulu is the main reason I started using Boxee and made my Front Row Boxee Plugin it only seemed right. So, here it is:

Download FrontRowHulu.

BEFORE you run this you should have at least run the Hulu Desktop once to accept their EULA. If you don’t the plugin will think it wasn’t able to launch Hulu Desktop. I would also suggest switching it to full screen mode.
Also, like with my other plugins it is assumed that Hulu Desktop lives in /Applications. Also like the others, it is recommended that you restart Front Row after installing the plugin by running
killall Front\ Row
at the command line.

This can be used along side my other Front Row plugins without conflict.