New Front Row plugins for Snow Leopard!

Those of you upgrading to Snow Leopard will discover that my previous plugins for Front Row won’t work.

The good news is that I have new plugins that work in Snow Leopard. These plugins have been completely rewritten using Objective-C (which I have been wanting to do) and are no longer based on the FrontPython project. This should lead to more stable code that is a little easier for me to improve.

The bad news is that they are still a little buggy. They should launch your program fine but will most likely not be able to return to FrontRow when you exit the launched program. There are probably some other bugs too.

Even though they still need a little work Snow Leopard comes out today so I figured I should get something out. These work in Leopard too (I haven’t tried them in Tiger).

If you are still running Leopard and want to use the previous versions they are still available using the links in the original blog posts.